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Using the Raspberry Pi computer with attached camera, PIR motion sensor and rotary encoder module, we were able to develop a multi purpose interactive information display console. Written in Python with the Tkinter library providing the Graphical User Interface.

Purposely encased in beautiful clear plastic inspiring intrigue and fascination with useful security features protecting the USB ports in public display areas. A special thanks to ModMyPi for very kindly agreeing to design a case based around their existing Motion Sensor + Vesa cases with the addition of the Keyes Rotary Encoder Module.

TiM allows us to display our ‘hello my name is’ welcome board, our safety screens and educational boards which feature SOPs, summaries of the latest critical care evidence, and much more! Even better, you can build your own TiM for the price of a Raspberry Pi (approx £40) and some inputted code which we have shared as an open access resource. IT innovation within the NHS can be affordable!

Please visit
http://www.timscreen.com/ for more information

We are keen to share our work for the benefit of all patients, so please do feel free to adapt them for your own use. Our only request is that our department is given clear acknowledgement on the front page of any adaptation, with the following statement in 11pt text or larger:
“This guideline has been adapted from an original document by the Academic Department of Critical Care, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, UK  www.portsmouthicu.com”
All of our guidelines/SOP’s, watch out safety notices, presentations and innovations are available as open access resources. The use of this material is subject to professional judgement and accountability. The content has been prepared carefully and in good faith for use within the Department of Critical Care at Queen Alexandra Hospital. No liability can be accepted by Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust for any errors, costs or losses arising from the use of this material or the information contained herein. Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust © 2017
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